About us

Family business Based in Spain and soon in U.K.
Born in 2002, this business has over 10 years experience.
Well known for our quality,
We assure a personal and direct treatment with our clients, checking every single order personally with the pride and care that only a family business can provide.
Top of the market materials, including Bruguer inorganic pigments and Portland cements.
Best quality for these original Encaustic tiles.
Although the market for our cement tiles has increased over the past few years, we still make our tiles in the exact same way and with the exact same materials as our ancestors, and have adapted our equipment to the new technology of this day in age to ensure that our encaustic tiles have a longer durability.
Our artisans have been mentors for those now working for companies all over the world, and we take pride in being one of the original factories.
We also take pride in the fact that our factory and materials are ecologic and environmentally friendly, we use top quality river sand and our pigments are made mostly of iron oxides, cobalt, chromium, magnesium and titanium, and are completely free of Asbestos and lead.
Thank you for reading a little about our company.
Central address:
Natural Floor

Calle Castilla 2, N1

Jerez de la frontera 11402

Cadiz, SPAIN

cement mosaic tiles manufacturer