Crafted Tiles – Working hand in hand

Crafted Tiles – Our company came to life in 2010 when we began providing various designers and architects with Encaustic tiles in Madrid.

It wasn't until 2012 that we named it after Crafted Tiles and we started working on our digital presence to be able to reach more people, especially outside of Spain, where there was not yet much knowledge about this creatively magical material.

Thanks to the cement tile boom 6 years later, we were able to dedicate ourselves completely to our company.

Over a decade of constant and sometimes overwhelming hard work to finally do something that we love and we are passionate about.

It is something very special and unique to see the reaction of the clients when they finally see their designs come to life.


“Refurbishing is something that is always exciting but quite often very stressful; I generate trust in my clients with the aim that their project runs as smoothly as possible”


Natasha is a designer in love with color and shapes.

She spends most of her time discovering new trends and quickly bringing new ideas and designs to our store.

She has personally designed many of the models in the store at the request of customers.

Shee likes to attend clients personally to help in each case, both in design and logistics.


“I always review each order meticulously. I have installed tiles many times and I know how important it is to have both the quantity and the correct color; especially with handmade products”


Rodolfo is dedicated to storage and has extensive knowledge of logistics.

He is in charge of checking that the order is in perfect condition for shipment, and is also the main warehouse foreman in charge of the machinery and labeling.


We have the best craftsmen whose families come from a long lineage of tile making.

Our tiles are only produced in certain places around the globe with the promise that you will receive an 100% genuine product.

We also have occasional collaborations with several artists who carry out works that you will only find in crafted tiles.

Thanks to effective teamwork, we get everything to go smoothly with the best possible quality.

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