5 Building materials from the past still available in Spain

.wp-block-jetpack-pinterest {text-align: center;} More than hydraulic flooring. YES, THINGS ARE STILL DONE AS BEFORE. Today we can find all kinds of tiles, mostly in large areas dedicated to the mass production of fashionable patterns and styles within its wide collection of construction materials. But, where really are those unique works of art that in our childhood went unnoticed as common interior design?...

History of Encaustic tiles

What is the origin of the hydraulic mosaic? The Mediterranean origins Climbing tile for hydraulic mosaic Hydraulic mosaic as we know it today is a pavement produced since the end of the 19th century. Previously and for 10 centuries, very similar soils existed that gave life to the current mosaic; Originally from the Arab world and whose manufacture continues to have the same technique, although with modernized materials and tools. In fact the "climbing" or molds used...