Technical Characteristics

Encaustic cement tile.
Cement tiles.

Decorative pigmented cement tiles for indoor or outdoor use.

Cement, soapstone (marble dust), aggregates, inorganic pigments (iron oxides, cobalt, chromium, magnesium and titanium) Asbestos and lead free.
(Standard tile: 200X200X18 mm)
1m2 = 25 pieces
Length and Width variation: +/- 0,3 mm
Thickness variation: +/- 0,6 mm
Diagonal variation: +/- 0,2mm
Edge straightness variation : +/- 0,2 mm

Fire resistance
Class A1

Tolerance on flatness and curvature
(Standard tile 200X200X17 mm)

Convexity observed: null

Maximum Concavity: 0.5 mm
Concavity (distribution)
80% of studied tiles, concavity < 0,3 mm

Weather Resistance

Water absorption: 6.8% by volume (Untreated tile, fully immersed in water 24h)

Resistance to freeze / thaw:

No cracks or deformation after 25 freeze-thaw cycles (-15 º to +60 º)

Breaking Load

(Standard tile 200X200X18 mm)
Breaking load: 6,0 N/mm2

Abrasion resistance
(Standard tiles 200X200X18 mm)

Method : Test with 50mm standard disk, result in mm.

Ranked from least to most hard:





Encaustic tile

25,3 and 23,7

Natural Stone

22,1 and 18,9

Ground Slabs porcelain

19,2 and 18,3

Volcanic Natural Stone - Basalt


Volcanic Natural Stone - Granite


Single tile weight:

+/- 1,200 g

encaustic mosaic tiles technical characteristics