Zellige and bejmat pool, glazed clay slab
11 July 2021

Zellige or Zelij and Bejmat- Glazed Clay Tiles.

There is nothing more elegantly traditional than these beautiful Zellige or Bejmat tiles. They can be installed both naturally with baked and untreated clay, or coated in a multitude of colours:

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The difference between Zellige and Bejmat lies in the thickness. Both types are suitable for all uses.
Bejmat is thicker and is normally used outdoors and on floors. Zellige is finer and traditionally used for interior design and furniture.
We all know the wonderful zellige mosaics used in Arabic fountains and tables, having one of the most famous examples in the Alhambra of Granada.

For the material to be authentic, it is necessary that both the clay and the manufacturing come from specific locations. Only material from these areas can be labelled as «Appellation of origin« making our product exclusive.

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