Cement tile mosaic patchwork. Direct sale discounted prices
11 July 2021

Mixed encaustic tiles

Hydraulic tile patchwork: By combining colors you can create truly striking and original mosaics and murals.
Here are some examples from our clients:

Our patchwork comes with a pattern combination of hydraulic tiles in stock at a very affordable price, being able to also have the option of designing your own patchwork mosaic with colors and custom designs, by selecting several models.
Patchworks are very fashionable and a great way to brighten up any room or decoration.

Our customers send us their fun photos with their unique designs.

Black and white encaustic tile floors

One of the most common combinations is the patchwork of black and white encaustic tiles floor. The combinations usually have a main color mixed with gray and white, but can also be with other colors to a lesser extent.

The patchworks have a reduced price since they are “remnants” of encaustic tiles flooring in our warehouse.

Tiles can also be personalized by choosing patterns and colors. You must take into account that for a personalized patchwork the minimum of each design must be 0.5 m2.

We also accept smaller custom orders that "suggest" a predominant color.

Contact us and we'll show you.

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