ideas and uses for Encaustic tiles
11 July 2021

Ideas and Uses of Our Hydraulic Tiles

The uses that our clients give to the Encaustic tiles They surprise us more every day.
Here we show you some examples with photos sent by our clients, highlighting the originality and versatility for these mosaics.

There are no limits to the uses for the Encaustic tiles.

Mosaics combined with parquet, laminate flooring or other traditional floors make each room look unique.

The cement tile skirting also serve as a step or height change between floors for those who do not want to have to do leveling work.

You can change the design of the mosaic to make a beautiful frame using the same slab as the rest of the floor.

Tables, facades, bars, outdoor furniture, showers... the limit is set by your imagination.

Tell us about your project and we help you make it a reality.

Discover our photo galleries in pinterest!

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