How to create unique patterns and designs with encaustic tiles

CREAR DISEÑOS CON BALDOSAS HIRÁULICAS INDICE Comienza con un esquema de color Experimenta con diferentes formas y tamaños Crea un patrón repetitivo Juega con la dirección de las baldosas Agrega una línea de borde o cenefa En este artículo, te daremos algunos consejos sobre cómo crear diseños con baldosas hidráulicas exclusivos. Las baldosas hidráulicas son conocidas por su capacidad para crear patrones y diseños únicos en cualquier espacio. Con estas bald...

Trends with Encaustic tiles – Decoration

Cement Tile Trends TABLE OF CONTENTS Mixture of Patterns and Colors Large, Bold Tiles Combination of Different Tile Types Outdoor Use Minimalist Designs Cement Tiles have been a popular decorative element for many years due to their durability, beauty and versatility. Currently, these tiles are experiencing a renaissance in interior and exterior decoration. Here we present some...

5 Building materials from the past still available in Spain

.wp-block-jetpack-pinterest {text-align: center;} More than encaustic tiles flooring. YES, THINGS ARE STILL DONE AS BEFORE. Today we can find all kinds of tiles, mostly in large areas dedicated to the mass production of fashionable patterns and styles within its wide collection of construction materials. But, where really are those unique works of art that in our childhood went unnoticed as common interior design?...