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Encaustic tiles. The encaustic cement tile floors timeless.
A rich history in interior decoration supports the old Encaustic tiles which, with their versatility, are always in fashion.
At Crafted tiles we offer you encaustic tiles flooring direct from factory.

from the famous Barcelona mosaic, to the designs of Arab palaces, the ground is within everyone's reach, the modernization of the mosaic manufacture it has more affordable prices and greater longevity that makes this floor a perfect investment for all types of surfaces.

The famous Encaustic tiles They have a non-slip condition that makes it a perfect option for toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, funds countertop for kitchens, hotel bar fronts, walls, exteriors as they are resistant to inclement weather, the Sun and UV rays, and interiors, bars, patios, murals and restaurants.
So much so that they are already available with the imitations of encaustic mosaic porcelain tiles which, although they offer a similar price, does not have the characteristics of a authentic cement tile mosaic .

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Matte effect anti-stain protector

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Wet effect anti-stain protector

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The encaustic mosaic floor is mainly characterized by its striking colors and its bespoke possibilities that result in unique mosaics .
It's possible to create an authentic cement tile mosaic with infinite designs and colors, combining with borders, plain colors, or encaustic tile patchwork.
The encaustic tiles flooring is increasingly used by architects and interior designers for their projects.

In crafted tiles, you will find everything you need related to the encaustic tile.

We offer multiple formats of encaustic cement tile floors all in 15×15, 20×20, 25×25, 40×40, shapes such as Diamond, hexagonal, monochrome/plain, borders and Encaustic tile skirting boards.
We offer all kinds of products for encaustic tile floor care and installation and cleaning services.
Reproduction and restoration of antique encaustic cement tile floors reproducing aged colors and imperfections.
Cheap cement tiles in our section of stock and balances permanent.
Designs for modern encaustic tiles.

We invite you to create your own design in our simulator, or send your own drawing and we will make it!

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