Mixed encaustic tiles Encaustic tile patchwork: By combining colors, truly striking and original mosaics and murals can be created. Here we show you some examples of our clients: Our patchwork comes with a combination of encaustic tiles slab patterns already in stock at a very affordable price, and you can also have the option of designing your own patchwork mosaic with custom colors and designs, choosing various models. The patchworks are very...

Zellige and Bejmat

Zellige or Zelij and Bejmat- Glazed Clay Tiles. There is nothing more elegantly rustic than these beautiful tiles from The difference between Zellige and Bejmat lies in the thickness. Both types are suitable for all uses. The Bejmat is thicker and is normally used outdoors and on floors. Zellige is finer and traditionally used for interior and furniture decoration. We all know the wonderful Zellige mosaics used in Arab fountains and tables, t...

Rooms and Livingrooms

Combinations of Encaustic Tiles for Different Rooms. Each unique and original style of encaustic tiles in room decoration by our clients: Encaustic mosaics can be used in all types of rooms. They are suitable for underfloor heating, either with underfloor heating or aerothermal, providing perfect temperature conductivity as they retain heat for longer; In the hottest months, the slabs maintain a cool temperature, without...

Business and Retail

Encaustic Mosaic for Businesses and Shops Thanks to its high resistance, our encaustic tiles mosaic is an original and long-lasting option for any business, both for bars and restaurants as well as for shops and hotels or other high-traffic areas. Here we show you some examples of our clients: Companies are making more and more effort to surprise their clients and take care of their corporate image. Well into this stage, the speed and first impression is already in everyone...


Encaustic Tile Floors for Kitchens Decoration for kitchens with encaustic tiles mosaics. Each style is unique and original. Take a look! Encaustic tiles are perfect for kitchens. This type of floor, in addition to being extremely durable, is very easy to clean and the porosity of the tile gives it a slip-resistant coefficient of the highest quality. The encaustic tiles floor is so versatile that there will always be a model that combines perfectly with the furniture and style for your kitchen.


Our cement mosaic tiles are a durable option for bathrooms. The most original bathrooms with encaustic tiles mosaics. Our encaustic tiles are perfect for wet rooms due to their low level of slipperiness (C3). Here we show you some examples. Mosaics in a bathroom? Yes! Encaustic flooring, in addition to giving a unique touch, is very practical due to its non-slip properties, being suitable for both wet surfaces and damp rooms. These mosaics make...