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What surfaces are encaustic tiles suitable for?

The encaustic tile is a very resistant tiling method. Its 2mm of pigmentation will allow the color and pattern to be maintained over the years, even in high-traffic areas. This makes it a perfect floor for public spaces.
Thanks to their waterproof qualities, these tiles are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, patios and all types of floors or walls that are constantly exposed to water.
But EYE! Colors that contain blue (blues, greens, purples) ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR DIRECT SUNLIGHT.
The two layers make this concrete floor temperature resistant, resulting in an excellent temperature transmitter if laying over underfloor heating is desired.
For example, it is a cool floor in summer but not as cold in winter as conventional ceramic or marble floors.


How can I choose the colors I need for my Victorian encaustic tiles?

Apart from our color palette, we also use the Pantone color chart to get as close as possible to the desired color. Please note that Natural floor tiles are handmade and colors may vary slightly in the final result of your Victorian cement tiles.


Can you do custom cement tile pattern?

We can do custom patterns and colors. Email us for more information.


Will I see tone variations in the encaustic tiles mosaics?

As a handmade product, we can expect to see slight variations in color tones and patterns. This is the beauty of a handmade product! and for many, the aesthetics they seek.


How are encaustic tile floors laid and treated?

Find out how to treat your new floor or take a look at our guide: – Treatment and maintenance of hydraulic tiles


Can I buy pretreated encaustic tiles?

No, the pieces must be placed untreated and must be dry and clean before treatment. If the tiles are treated before laying them, the moisture in the cement-glue will evaporate and could permanently stain them.

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How should I clean and maintain my Victorian cement tile floor?

Cleaning and maintenance is as simple as scrubbing normally with neutral pH soaps and adding wax from time to time.
Do not use bleach or abrasives.
The aesthetic after being cleaned and used successively, will acquire its shine and natural character.


Is there a minimum order for victorian cement tiles?

Our minimum order is 0.5 m2 (a box of 13 tiles)


How many additional tiles should I order to account for trim cuts?

We recommend adding 10 to 15 percent for trimming and material for future work.

BREXIT: Importing encaustic tiles and other products to the United Kingdom

New import measures apply as of 1/1/2021 These include:
New taxes on imports
New customs clearance fees
Additional transport costs for the UK
Find a customs broker before buying anything from the EU, they will keep you up to date on new paperwork and fees.

Return policy

We hope you are satisfied with our products. In the unlikely event that a purchase is not to your liking, we offer exchanges and/or refunds once the product has been returned to our warehouse.
The return transport costs will be borne by the customer since damages that may have occurred after receipt are not covered.
Bespoke products are 50% non-refundable and can be refunded if in perfect condition upon arrival at our warehouse within 30 days of receipt.
Products that have been installed will not be refunded; please make sure the order is correct when you receive it.


How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We have a wide range of encaustic tiles in stock that can be purchased instantly online.
Stock designs will ship within 2 business days.
Shipping can take from 3 working days to destinations in Spain, 7 working days to Europe and up to 35 working days to the rest of the world.
Also, custom orders take 4-6 weeks to manufacture (Depending on quantity and complexity of designs)


What will happen if my order is lost or damaged?

Orders shipped with our logistics company are 100% insured.
Orders that are transported by the customer or a transport company chosen by the customer will be considered out of our custody as soon as it is loaded on the vehicle.
The order packaging goes in small boxes of 13 tiles on a pallet and is hermetically sealed with plastic wrap.
However, we always send some extra tiles; this is to ensure that our customer does not have to order a different batch if the tile is damaged during laying or cutting.
In the unlikely event that the order is damaged in transit, we always make additional quantities to ensure our customers have a “back-up” in the exact same color batch; The transport company will deliver the new batch as soon as possible.

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