Encaustic tiles in victorian bathrooms
June 25, 2023



The famous Encaustic tiles have been used in the interior design for more than a century. These tiles, made by hand using traditional techniques, are characterized by their unique designs and the durability of their materials. If you are looking for a decor option for your home or business, here are our main 5 benefits of using Encaustic cement tiles.

1. Durability and resistance

Encaustic tiles in businesses, bars and restaurants

Cement tiles are made with high quality materials, which makes them extremely resistant and durable. These tiles can withstand wear and tear and moisture, and are ideal for high-traffic areas. In addition, their smooth and uniform surface makes them easy to clean and maintain.

2. Beauty and unique design

Patchwork colorful Encaustic tiles with simple shapes

Another of the benefits of Cement tiles is their beauty and unique design. These tiles are available in a wide range of designs and colours, which allows them to adapt to any decorative style. Custom designs can be manufactured and also, as they are handmade, each tile is unique and has its own pattern, which gives a touch of originality and personality to any space.

3. Versatility and adaptability

Encaustic tiles from Crafted Tiles combined with wood

Encaustic tiles are very versatile and adapt to different spaces and decorative styles. They can be used in any room in the house, from the kitchen to the bathroom, and are also ideal for outdoor areas such as patios and terraces. In addition, they can be combined with different materials and textures to achieve a more interesting and personalized effect.

4. Contribution to the environment

Encaustic tiles have their contribution to the environment. These tiles are made from natural materials and are manufactured using traditional techniques, which reduces its environmental impact. Also, being extremely durable, they reduce the need to constantly replace building materials, which also reduces the amount of waste produced.

5. Increased property value

Lastly, another advantage of cement tiles is that they can increase property value. These tiles are a timeless and elegant decorative element that never goes out of style, which means that they can increase the value of a property in the long term. In addition, being very durable and resistant, they can help maintain the quality of floors and walls for many years.

The famous Encaustic tiles are a stylish, durable and versatile decorating option that offers many benefits for any home or business. If you are looking for a construction material that combines beauty and functionality, encaustic cement tiles can be an excellent option.

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